Military Rankings


Strategic Commanders


Non-Combat roles. In charge of large-scale, multi-battle tactics, troop movements, supplies, and deployments.

Grand Marshal of the Empire – Emperor’s right hand, opposite the Prime Minister.


Marshal of the Empire – One per province besides Eastern.


Lieutenant Marshal – Works under the Marshal, everything from quartermasters to masters of coin.


Magistrate – In charge of a city.



Rankings below can be given to Imperial Defense Forces, essentially mercenaries and militia. Imperial Army officers always outrank Imperial Defense officers when holding the same ranking.


General Officers

Command troops in combat, answer to strategic commanders, but hold authority during battles.

General of the Army – no limit on number of soldiers allowed to command.


Colonel General – 1,080,000 Soldiers


Lieutenant General – 360,000 Soldiers


Major General – 180,000 Soldiers


Field Officers

Division Commanders. Must be able to kill demons. No grasp of tactics required, rank can be acquired without command.

Brigadier – 60,000 Soldiers


Colonel – 30,000 Soldiers


Lieutenant Colonel – 15,000 Soldiers


Major – 5000 Soldiers


Junior grade officers

Small unit commanders.

Senior Captain – 1000 Soldiers


Captain – 100 Soldiers


Lieutenant -10 Soldiers


Second Lieutenant – 5 Soldiers


Private First Class – Private that has served for 5+ years. No command.


Private – lowest ranking. No command.



Warrant Officer

Special ranking, granted on case by case basis, depending on skill and connections. Ranking similar to Captain, Senior Captain, or Major depending on grade.

Subject to military law. Can earn the title of Exarch, meaning they are capable of killing demons.



City Guards

Separate rankings from army, full authority to enforce the law within cities. Still need to obey orders, so long as the orders do not conflict with the laws. Subject to the authority of the Magistrate and Marshals. Can hold dual rankings, in military and guard. I.E Brigadier Xue Chang is also Guard Captain Xue Chang, but Brigadier outranks, so that title is used.

Guard Captain – Captain equivalent


Staff Sergeant – Lieutenant equivalent


Sergeant – Second Lieutenant equivalent


Corporal – Private First Class equivalent


Guard – Private equivalent



Disciplinary Corps Division

Responsible for enforcing Military law outside of cities, mediating disputes between armed forces. Oath Sworn to duty.

Justicar – Handles disputes between high-ranking officers and units.


Adjudicator – Handles disputes between individual soldiers.


Enforcer – responsible for the safety of Justicars and Adjudicators.